Jaron Lee Roe is a singer/songwriter

and producer who is dedicated to making

music that is from the heart and is also relatable

to the listener. Jaron Lee Roe is an Illinois native

who discovered his love for music very early in life.

He hasn’t stopped loving music since.

Music can be a universal language that can heal

and bring together diverse groups of individuals

from different views, backgrounds, and beliefs who

normally wouldn’t come together.

Music can be something that shows love in

Trying Times.

Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted

to dedicate everything I could to make the

best music I can. (Quote from Roe)

He wants to get his music out to as many

people as possible. He wants the listeners to know

that his music comes from a loving place without

judgement on people’s beliefs and lifestyles. He also

thinks that music should be there for listeners

to escape their problems.

Check back often for new music and updates.